Angle bending machine (also called angle roller or angle iron rolling machine) is actually just a function of section bending of profile bending machine.


Angle bending machine is actually just a function of of angle iron bending of profile bending machine. Our angle roller is named as angle iron bending rolling machine, angle rolls.

Angle rolls

Angle bending machine (Angle Rolling Equipment) can roll the Equal Angle or Unequal Angle, and the angle steel after processing still keeps the two sides of the angle steel perpendicular to 90° without flanging. And there are no wrinkles.

Angle iron is a common standard structural steel shape. Angles are L-shaped cross sections made by hot or cold rolling at the mill.

A major bending (rolling) angle product is the angle ring. The majority of angle rings are also called angle flanges. Angle flanges are rolled leg out and are commonly provided with or without bolt holes.

Common types of curved structural steel are angle rings or angle flanges.Angle steel rings, usually made of carbon steel, stainless steel or aluminum, are made by rolling a piece of structural angle steel into a ring and then welding the two ends together.

Typically, the ring is rolled with the horizontal leg radiating out from the center to create what is called a “leg-out angle ring” (as opposed to a “leg-in angle ring” or “off-axis” angle ring.)

These rings are commonly manufactured to standard diameters, but they also can be made to custom specifications. They are used as flanges to connect pipe or to connect to equipment such as a fan. The flanges can be welded together or bolted. In this latter case, the angle iron flanges are provided with bolt holes once again either with standard sizes and locations or with special patterns.

The holes can be put in the angle by several means: drilled, punched by a mechanical or hydraulic press, or punched or drilled by automated equipment. For connection purposes it is important not only that the holes be located with the correct bolt circle and spacing but also that the bolt circle be concentric with the angle ring.

Large angle rings can be made by connecting ring segments. Ring segments are rolled and commonly cut to length and fitted up into full rings before the holes are put in. The holes can be drilled or punched. After the holes are put in, the ring can be shipped “as is” or cut apart again. In this last case, the ends to be connected are often match marked for reassembly. This method is sometimes required when the completed ring would be too large to ship.

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ModelToe InToe Out
Specification (mm)Minimum Inside Diameter (mm)Specification (mm)Minimum Inside Diameter (mm)
W24S-1680 × 80 × 10100080 × 80 × 101500
W24S-45100 × 100 × 121200100 × 100 × 122000
W24S-75120 × 120 × 121500120 × 120 × 122000
W24S-140150 × 150 × 81500150 × 150 × 82500
W24S-180140 × 140 × 141800140 × 140 × 143000
W24S-250180 × 180 × 123000180 × 180 × 124000
W24S-320200 × 200 × 204000200 × 200 × 204500
W24S-400200 × 200 × 284000200 × 200 × 286000
W24S-500200 × 200 × 304500200 × 200 × 308000
W24S-600200 × 200 × 304500200 × 200 × 308000

What Is Bending Angle?


Angle iron has high strength, stiffness, toughness, and ductile properties. However, it does not actually bend very easily. The most natural way to bend an angle iron is apex in or out but most angle rings are rolled being in or out. What happens is that the bending causes the angle to twist.

Angle Bending
Angle Bending

The reason is that the vertical leg of the angle is being bent the “easy-way” or like a belt, while the horizontal leg is being bent the “hard-way” like a washer. The twist is caused because the neutral-axis is somewhere between the two legs. All the material inside the neutral axis compresses while all material outside the axis stretches.

bent angle iron profiles
Bent angle profiles


angle bending machine


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More comprehensive video of bending angle iron


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