Tube rolling machine

Tube rolling machine description

Tube rolling machine
Tube rolling machine

BIT’s special square tube rolling machine (Tube roller bender) has a combined profile section bending die, which can easily bend square tubes of any material.

Tube rolling
Tube Rolling

BIT serise tube rolling machine can cost-effective rectangular & square tube bending, that lead to error-free finished products with tight radii and strict conformance to customer specifications.

Tube roller bender application

Rectangular & square tube bending has many different industrial applications, from the manufacture of pipeline equipment to the creation of architectural, structural, and HVAC components and much more.


Architecture & construction

Subsea, offshore, drilling & petroleum



Pulp & paper

Lawn & garden

Commercial lighting

Playground, fitness & exercise equipment manufacturing

Food processing

Industrial manufacturing

Process equipment manufacturing

Storage tank and vessel construction

Pipeline construction & modification

Hydraulic tube bending machine Cost and hydraulic tube bender Price

Our hydraulic tube bending machine price is lower than our peers’, and our hydraulic tube rolling machine is high quality, we have our own manufacturing factory, all products are factory price, there is absolutely no middleman markup, we accept both small bender (W24S-6) customer and large bender (W24S-600) wholesale customer, hydraulic tube bending machines and hydraulic tube rolling machines for sale online.

If you have any questions, please contact us by email, we can give you efficient solution and low cost quotation, your inquiry will be highly appreciated.

Hydraulic Tube Bending Machine Specifications

  Specification (mm) Minimum Inside Diameter (mm)
W24S-16 65 × 6 1000
W24S-45 90 × 5 1500
W24S-75 100 × 6 2000
W24S-140 120 × 8 3000
W24S-180 150 × 8 5000
W24S-250 180 × 10 6000
W24S-320 200 × 10 8000
W24S-400 250 × 12 10000
W24S-500 300 × 12 15000
W24S-600 350 × 12 30000

Angle Bending Machine Parameter List

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