W24S-600 Profile Bending Machine


W24S-600 profile bending machine with BIT cross-section bending combination mold can bend various profiles; the section bending machine in the picture is equipped with customized pipe molds to bend pipes, and the powerful hydraulic cylinder makes the bending of larger pipes change. It is working in a factory in the UAE.

W24S-600 Profile Bending Machine Specifications

Profile Bending Machine
W4S-600 profile bending machine is a profile bending machine driven by three rollers, which can realize the bending processing of larger profiles.
bar profiles bent hard way Max.Section(mm): 300×80 bar profiles bent easy way Max.Section(mm): 650×100
Min.bending DIA(mm): Φ5000 Min.bending DIA(mm): Φ2000
bent square bar profiles Max.Section(mm): 240×240 bent pipe profiles Max.Section(mm): Φ520×20
Min.bending DIA(mm): Φ4000 Min.bending DIA(mm): Φ10000
bent square tube profile Max.Section(mm): 350x350x12 angle profile bending toes-in Max.Section(mm): 200x200x30
Min.bending DIA(mm): Φ30000 Min.bending DIA(mm): Φ4500
angle profile bending toes-out Max.Section(mm): 200x200x30 channel profiles bending toes-in Max.Section(mm): 700
Min.bending DIA(mm): Φ8000 Min.bending DIA(mm): Φ6000
channel profiles bending toes-out Max.Section(mm): 700 bent tee profile Max.Section(mm): 300x300x30
Min.bending DIA(mm): Φ6000 Min.bending DIA(mm): Φ4000
bent I-beam profiles Max.Section(mm): 700 bent H-beam profiles Max.Section(mm): 500
Min.bending DIA(mm): Φ6000 Min.bending DIA(mm) Φ40000
Sectional modulus cm3: 500-600 Bending speed: 4.5 Meters/Minute
Material yield limit(Mpa): 250 Motor power (KW): 45


W4S-600 profile bending machine is driven by a 3-roller
The 3-roller drive can minimize material slippage during the bending process

The W4S-600 profile bending machine is driven by a 3-roller, making it possible to make a high-volume bending process a reality. The 3-roller drive can minimize material slippage during the bending process. The two lower rollers are hydraulically driven and they can move independently of each other. Therefore, compared with the top roller driven machine, the function of our machine enhances the operator’s ability and provides the opportunity to perform the pre-bending process on both edges.

With the unique, practical and universal bending combination mold, it is easy to bend various profiles. This function makes the BIT series profile bending machine stronger and stronger.

3D transverse guide rollers
3D transverse guide rollers
3D transverse guide rollers
Six directions to facilitate the bending process

BIT’s unique two 3D transverse guide rollers can be adjusted in six directions to facilitate the bending process to ensure the best control of the flatness of the rolling and correct the deformation generated during the rolling process of the profile.

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