Cold roll equipment
bending and forming machine

CNC metal roll forming and bending machines, hydraulic and electric. Carbon steel, copper, titanium, aluminum, and aluminum alloy. Cold roll bending metal pipes and tubes, angle iron, flat bar and square bar, U and C channel, H beam, sheet metal.

The three-roll section bending machine and plate bending machine are the industry workhorse. The machine has three hydraulically driven rolls in a triangular configuration.

w24s profile bending machine


Bending various metal profiles (including stainless steel).
Powerful bending ability, can bend tubes, pipes, round & solid square & flat bars, angles, tee section, H & I beams and U channels to over 180 degrees and into circle or arc, and is often chosen to create circular pieces.


CNC Aluminum Profile Bending Machine;
Three-dimensional. CNC control. Accuracy is as high as ≤0.01mm. 
Can be bent in various shapes (3-D graphics, C-shaped, U-shaped, full circle, ellipse, multiple radii combination shapes, etc.)

4-roll plate bending machine

Rotary bending perhaps is one of the most popular and effective ways of creating a precision bend. Rotary benders, have many advantages over conventional wipe bending methods.

Rotary bending has some advantages over other methods. The most advantageous feature is the simplicity of adjustment. Changes in the bend angle can be made simply by shimming or grinding the height of the assembly. Doing so takes very little time, and time is money.

Well-suited for customized or standard shape production, cold roll forming is a simple process ideal for even the most complex shapes. It is a flexible, responsive and cost-effective alternative to extruded press braking and stamping.


cold roll forming machine

What is cold bending?

Glossary: The bending of metal shapes by cold working at ambient temperatures.
Cold bending, as the name suggests, bends the workpiece in a cold state.