Advantages of cold bending metal profiles

bent tube

Cold bending

When you need to bend various types of metal profiles, cold bending has many advantages over hot bending.

Whether you are dealing with any other shape of beams, tubes, channel or angle, sometimes 3D, 4D or even 5D bending is required so that they can reach the desired angle.

Why choose cold bending?

With cold bending service, you will be able to use a variety of metal alloys.
Because hot bending will expose the profile to high temperatures, the performance of many metals will be destroyed or greatly weakened. No matter what metal you use, you can’t risk weakening the metal’s properties.
Therefore, the cold bending method will be your best choice.

Salt corrosion

In the case of metals approaching or immersed in water, salinity must be considered. Some metals can withstand higher salinity levels, which ultimately allows you to choose metals that can be retained for longer periods of time.

If you need to bend metal immersed in water, cold bending may be the only option you consider.

Cold-bending spiral coil

profile bending machine
profile bending machine

The same is true for spiral coils. When some coils are exposed to heat, other coils are designed for pressure or other purposes. You cannot risk bending and destroying the structural integrity of the metal due to heating. After using the heat for a long time, cracks in the metal will form, which may cause accidents on site. Even a small leak can cost you a lot of money, and accidents can cause injuries to employees.

There are many benefits of cold bending, which you can use in your operation. You cannot take the risk of weak metal or leakage.

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